Rich in nature. More than anything,the attraction of Okinawa is the beauty of the nature.

I was really looking forward to interacting with the producers on this visit. I would like to share my experiences of the unique attractions of Okinawa`s production district.

Nominated as Asia`s best Patisier in 2013 and 2014 at 「Asia`s 50 Best Restaurants」 from an abnormal background of choosing to become a chef with a masters degree in economics.
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Health and beauty is essential keywords to know about Okinawa`s ingredients. Acerola may just fit right in with this subject.

Acerola farm located in Motobu Village

"Shikuwasa"is a refreshing type of citris fruit.

Shikuwasa Farm located in Katsuyama, Nago City

The charm of Okinawan pineapples are that each one has their own unique characteristics.

Pineapple farm located in Higashi Village.

From Vegetables and Fruits to Meat and Seafood. I learned the attractions and how to use Okinawan ingredients by Okinawan Local chefs.

French restaurant located in Uruma City

Introduction of Okinawan Ingredients

  • Handama
  • Bitter melon
  • Na-be-ra-

Okinawan vegetables

Okinawan vegetables are unique compared to other parts of Japan with their high quality and nutritients. They make me want to eat them everyday!

1. Handama
Dark green and purple features. A vegetable that is popular among women because it contains iron.
2. Bitter melon
A vegetable that is starting to be known for its unique bitterness and being perfect for cooking meals, as it does not lose Vitamin C even after applying heat.
3. "Na-be-ra-" (Okinawan local food)
In Okinawa, "Na-be-ra-" is usually cooked with miso (bean paste) which gives it a sweet flavour and smooth texture.
  • Shikuwasa
  • Mango
  • Dragon fruit

Okinawan fruits

Okinawa is a treasure box of fruits that includes the sour Shikuwasa with a soothing bitter after taste, the sweet and rich Mango and the Dragon Fruit with sweet and dense flesh. They were all perfect ingredients for snacks, desserts and drinks.

4. Shikuwasa
Shikuwasa is an Okinawa citrus fruit that has a rich flavor and strong sourness.
5. Mango
Okinawan mangoes are very popular and are the most harvested in Japan. They are also a high valued gift that is always pleased to receive.
6. Dragon fruit
The refreshing and sweet Dragon Fruit has a red and white pitaya which are a part of the cactus family originated in South America.
  • Peach pine
  • N67-10
  • Bogor pine


It is surprising how all pineaples taste delicious and have their own unique characteristics.

7. Peach pine
A small sized and popular pineapple with a scent of a peach.
8. N67-10
The most popular pineapple in Okinawa which is also referred as the Hawaiian breed.
Large features, golden color and high sugar content with an elegant sweetness.
10. Bogor pine
A popular pineapple from kids to adults which can be pealed by your hands.



Acerola has begun and spread through out Okinawa from one seedling and is said to be the only part in Japan where it is grown. I also learned that this beautiful fruit is popular to woman because it contains plenty of Vitamin C.

Acerola is only produced in Okinawa within Japan and is very popular to woman. Plenty of vitamin C is included within this beautiful fruit.


Beniimo(Beniimo Sweet Potato)

The natural rich color and sweetness of the sweet potato can be used without any special arrangements in meals.

The sweet potato has vitamin C that helps antioxidant activity and has dietary fiber to help maintain your intenstinal environment. In Okinawa, the potato has been consumed more than rice as their staple food and is one of the main crops that supported their long living environment.

Brown sugar

Brown sugar

An ingredient with high quality which works perfect with paistries, desserts and snacks. It comes in handy as it can be used in various types of dishes.

The Okinawan brown sugar`s rich flavor is enjoyed in several ways, such as using it as seasonings for meals and also eating blocks of brown sugar when you are feeling tired.


Mozuku(Mozuku Seaweed)

Fresh seaweed is available in Okinawa. Mozuku (Seaweed) from Okinawa`s beautiful ocean is also known to be very healthy.

The Okinawan seaweed "Mozuku" is also popular in Japan for its thick meat and good texture. Okinawa`s "Mozuku" can be used in various dishes and also be enjoyed as is.


Pipachi (Long pepper)

This is the perfect spice for the final touch up of a meal and also to provide the final accent. It has a very nice scent.

Pipachi is known as Okinawa`s special product "Shima Koshou". This has been used in Ishigaki Island and Yonaguni Island, but now is a popular spice that is essential to Okinawa dishes.


Beegu(Juncus effusus)

This ingredient is known to be very healthy and has a scent of green tea and roasted soybean flour.

The Beegu that means grass in the Okinawa dialect, is used in "Tatami" mats which is very essential in the Japanese lifestyle. Powdered Beegu has a light blue color and a green tea scent with a taste similar to roasted soybean flour.